Links Missin has put together a feast of historical, musical and technological information. A must for any serious harmonica freak.

Joe Filisko’s website dedicarted to tradional blues harmonica study, including his tongue block trainer and numerous downloads. Well worth a visit.

One of the great modern blues harmonica players. Dennis pioneered the extensive use of ultra low tuned diatonic harmonicas and has a unique chromatic harmonica style that combines jump blues and jazz influences with a wicked groove. When he is not on the road playing one brilliant solo after another, he is at home cooking up great radio shows, developing instructional materials, and teaching.

Go here to get connected with Joe Filisko, James Gordon, Johnny Bishop and yours truly. One of the Gateways to a world of musical knowledge as well as high end harmonicas.

Richard Sleigh’s website devoted to custom harmonicas and the inner game of music.

Richard Sleigh’s website devoted to the new generation of DIY harp techs and anyone interested in the development of the instrument.

Neil Graham is a fine harp tech from “the land down under” that is pushing the boundaries of the instrument from his background as a blacksmith, player and being an relentlessly determined and curious soul.

Dave Barrett has written a ton of books on learning blues harmonica, teaches constantly, plays the blues with power and authority, and is a general powerhouse of inspiration and productivity. Find out more about him at this site.

Adam Gussow’s website. Adam took his New York City energy and street smarts and moved to Mississippi. His harp playing mingles both influences and a lot more. His website has a ton of inspiring and informative material and links to his youtube videos.

David Barrett’s treasure trove of well organized information on how to play blues harmonica. When David does something, he goes all-out, and this site is no exception.

Jon Gindick hosts a Harmonica Jam Camp in Clarksdale Mississippi that is a great learning experience at the legendary Shack Up Inn, plus many other ventures and adventures…

Tony Eyer’s harmonica instruction resources. Includes an article on just intonation and equal temperament by Richard Sleigh that explains these terms in plain language.

Harmonica Instruction Recources